Civ V mod idea: Hero units

David Stark / Zarkonnen
5 Apr 2015, 1:05 p.m.

I've been at it again, playing Civ V and coming up with ideas for mods I'm probably never going to write. This time: hero units!

Each civilization in the game gets some special ability, one or two special unit types, and maybe a building or tile enhancement. This mod would also add an unique unit to each civ that can only be built once. This unit would be quite a bit stronger, but since there's only ever one of it, its presence doesn't massively unbalance play. Nor can it be upgraded. But when it dies, it produces a quantity of faith, culture or science that is its legacy.

For example, as England, you might get Robin Hood, a hero longbowman with 20 instead of 13 combat strength and a "treats forests as roads". When he gets killed, you get 100 culture, so you're encouraged to use him rather than keep him back.

It's quite a bit of work coming up with heroes for every civ. They can be real or fictional, people or vehicles. Ideas so far:

  • France: Joan of Arc, longswordsman with 35 instead of 21 combat strength. 100 faith on death.
  • Russia: Tsar Bomba, atomic bomb with a blast radius of 4 instead of 2. 300 science on death, er, detonation.
  • Germany: The Red Baron, triplane with strength 70 and interception 100. 200 culture on death.
  • Ottoman: Şahi topu, cannon with strength 35 instead of 20. 150 culture on death.
  • Japan: Yamato, battleship with ranged strength 100 instead of 65. 250 culture on death.
  • Spain: Hernán Cortés, conquistador with combat strength 40 instead of 20. 100 faith on death.
  • Greece: Helepolis, siege tower with combat strength 20 instead of 12. 100 culture on death.