More Horror Beliefs

Gods and Things
29 May 2014, 12:30 p.m.

I've been thinking about my Gods & Things concept for Civ V again. I would dearly love to create it, or at least a simplified version, but as it stands, I don't have the time or the knowledge to do so. If anyone has experience with Civ V modding and would like to collaborate, hit me up. Anyway, here are a whole bunch more Horror beliefs:

  • Nightgaunt Servants: All land units may air drop within 6 tiles
  • Strange Inspirations: +25% to Great Writer, Artist, Musician and Scientist generation
  • Cannibalism (alternative): +4 food to all cities in the empire for each city being razed
  • Prolonged Life: When consuming a Great Person, 25% chance that another Great Person of the same type is created
  • Aquatic Hybrids: +1 production from ocean tiles
  • Ape Hybrids: +2 faith from unimproved jungle tiles
  • Aklo: Great works of Writing and Music produce +2 Culture and Tourism
  • Shub-Internet: Upon discovery of the Internet, cultist activity doubles in enemy cities
  • Langford's Basilisk: Upon discovery of the Internet, -25% research in enemy civs

I admit the last two are a bit outside of proper Lovecraftian gamut, but they're still fun mechanics.