A simplified version

Gods and Things
29 Jun 2014, 11:56 a.m.

As I mentioned before, as much as I like my Gods and Things concept for Civ V, it's really far too complex for me to attempt to build. So I've been thinking about a massively stripped down version that just introduces a bunch more beliefs, which are distinguished by having a downside as well as an upside:


  • Shub-Niggurath: +3 faith from unimproved forest tiles, -10% population growth
  • Cthulhu: Religion spreads rapidly to coastal cities, faith purchases cost +50%
  • Dagon: +1 food, +1 faith, -1 gold from ocean tiles
  • Nyarlathotep: +20% research, -10 happiness
  • Mi-Go: +2 Production from hills, -25% great people generation
  • Elder Things: +2 research from tundra, -1 food from tundra


  • Cannibalism: +8 food in each city for each city being razed, -10% pop growth
  • Death cult: Gain faith each time you raze a city, -50% religious pressure
  • Strange Inspirations: +25% to Great Writer, Artist, Musician, Scientist generation, -1 faith per city
  • Aquatic hybrids: +1 production from ocean tiles, -50% religious pressure
  • Ape hybrids: +2 faith and +1 food from unimproved jungle tiles, -50% religious pressure
  • Aklo: Great works of Writing and Music produce +2 Culture and Tourism, -10% research
  • Shoggoth servants: May use faith to buy shoggoth units, -2 food per city
  • Strange experiments: +20% research, -10% population growth
  • Strange artifacts: Trade routes rapidly spread religion, -1 production per city

The -50% religious pressure that a bunch of these have reflects a secretiveness that impedes the spread of the religion.