SoapQuest 1024

David Stark / Zarkonnen
27 Nov 2008, 10:39 a.m.

"You can't use a rabbit on a rabbit."

SoapQuest 1024 is a small game I decided to write after reading "20 Open World Games" on Gamasutra and coming across "Adventure".

Click on the applet to be able to interact with it!

Sorry, Java seems to be turned off or not supported in your browser.

It's a very simple tile-based game written in 1024 lines of Java. You can wander around the place, picking things up and using them on other things by walking into them. Day and night happen, and at night you need light sources to see properly.

Play around. Try to make: fire, soap, dinner, a house... Civilisation!

It's fully data-driven, based on a simple CSV format, and has things like wandering treants and a day/night cycle with light calculations.

I'm releasing this as open source in the hope someone will find joy in toying with it, and maybe extending it to something grander. Networking sounds like quite a fun thing to do to it.

You can change quite a lot about the program by downloading the desktop version and changing its data files. You can also see and fork the source code on GitHub.

You can also buy it on for $1 now, if you feel the need to buy a free, open source game: