An Important Question

Airships: Conquer the Skies
12 Oct 2017, 4:47 p.m.

If I stopped development on Airships right now and called it done, what would you be most disappointed about?

Don't panic, I'm not doing that. But I want you to tell me what Airships with its potential fulfilled would look like to you.

This may be really obvious to you. You may be thinking "well, of course he's going to add X, because X is the obvious thing that the game needs." But I can think of many different forms X can take, and I can't do them all, and you may have different ideas from me.

If you tell me now, three months before development is scheduled to conclude, I can take it into account.

Here's a list of things I can think of that might count as fulfilling the game's potential:

  • A linear storyline of missions: I've always maintained that Airships is a toy box, not a linear experience to be played through. But I could add one on top.
  • An economy system for the strategic mode: Moving from money to specific resources, adding trading and resource production.
  • Much bigger maps for strategic mode: Adding minor towns to conquer, and more and bigger enemy empires.
  • Many more modules: Many more weapons as well as more size and shape variations for existing modules.
  • Multiplayer strategic mode: This would suffer from the problem that you'd spend the majority of time spectating on battles that don't involve you. But I could try to put it in.
  • Many more options to visually customize and decorate the ships: different cosmetic appearances for armour and weapons, decorative modules like bowsprites and flags.
  • Cities that are visible in the combat mode: civilian buildings for the defenses to protect, and for the attackers to destroy.

You may want one or some of these, or you may want something different yet. I cannot do all of them. Tell me in the comments: what would make the game complete for you?