Version 1.0.14: Stats and Bugfixes

Airships: Conquer the Skies
16 Dec 2019, 8:06 p.m.

This version brings both a large list of bug fixes and some nice new stuff.

  • Post-combat stats.
  • All-new achievement icons.
  • Two new achievements: "We Have Reserves" for sacrificing 100 crew for a victory (see title image) and "Dumb Ways to Die" for having your crew die in 10 different ways in the same fight.
  • Nicer combat setup dialog.
  • Collapsible chat windows in combat and conquest mode.
  • Fixed crash in conquest mode caused by selected ships being destroyed.
  • Fixed crash when user would try to paste from an empty clipboard.
  • Fixed combat desync issue.
  • Rearranged ships in tutorials a bit to make them work more reliably.
  • Flipped land blocks rendered properly.
  • Giant spiders now die all at once rather than in halves.
  • Cursor no longer instantly turns into selection cross cursor when you click somewhere.

The new combat stats system breaks down information such as accuracy both per-ship and per-weapon, which should be both useful and entertaining.